Five favourite cocktails

1. Thai Pear Extraordinaire, Buddha Bar Budapest  – Don’t look for this on the menu because you won’t find it, a special spur of the moment creation, courtesy of mixologists Atti & Tommy. Suffice to say that it contains Grey Goose Pear and Thai Basil, the exact recipe I won’t be giving away.

2. Li Chi, 5CC Exmouth Market, London – I’m a huge fan of lychees in cocktails and this drink was no exception

3. Clover Club, Good Godfrey’s Bar, Waldorf Hilton London – A gin based pre-prohibition cocktail featuring raspberries, lemon and egg white, perfectly balanced

4. Cup Tail, London Cocktail Club (Goodge Street) – So sweet but oh so good! This is the cocktail with frosting on top

5. Hibiscus Mojito, Wahaca, London – Mojito’s are among my favourite long drinks, and the hibiscus was a brilliant addition. Catch a glimpse of the brilliant purple colour and you’ll crave one right away!

The 'Cup Tail'

The ‘Cup Tail’


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