Roux at the Landau

Roux at the Landau is Albert and Michel Jr’s restaurant at the Langham Hotel and, led by head chef Chris King, it has quickly become almost as popular as Le Gavroche itself. Having previously worked for the Roux family I had been keen to come to Roux at the Landau for a long time and so treating my mother to lunch for her birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity. We had a wonderful time and were in no way disappointed despite our high expectations.

Here is what I ate:

Langham starter

Langham Main

Langham Pudding
Langham petit fours

I have always been a huge fan of smoked salmon (I really do mean huge!) but never of salmon with carrot but I have to say the combination worked well in my starter here. My main course, of lamb three ways, was tasty enough but probably my least favourite of the meal, perhaps partly due to the lack of colour and texture contrast in the dish. The pudding wins hands down on presentation without question! The staff were attentive and knowledgeable (as you would expect in a Roux establishment) and we liked our table very much, probably the best two person table in the restaurant based on shape, position and outlook. The set lunch menu includes wine, mineral water, coffee, petit fours etc which is very convenient and the price is very fair for the quality of food and the overall experience. All in all a wonderful lunch – highly recommended!


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