Byron Burger vs Shake Shack

Battle of the burgers! At Shake Shack I opted for the ‘SmokeShack’ (basically a cheeseburger with bacon and a special sauce) and the ‘Union Shack’ concrete (which is a chocolate frozen custard). The burger was smaller than expected and the bun had a strange texture (as if it wasn’t very fresh). The patty itself was ok but fairly average and the bacon was the best bit. The ‘concrete’ was tasty but, to be honest, not much different to chocolate ice cream! I was expecting something a bit more unusual since the concretes are what Shake Shack is famous for. Also at Shake Shack (Covent Garden) you have to queue for a very long time and then fight for a table outside!

Byron on the other hand was a totally different experience, it’s a proper restaurant not a place where you have to queue and then try to find a table, and the burgers were in a different league, in my opinion. I chose the classic burger and the courgette fries. The burger was a good size and the beef patty was excellent (Scottish beef, cooked medium well done just as I like it) and the bun was a better texture than at Shake Shack. The courgette fries had been recommended to me in advance and I was particularly looking forward to trying them and, luckily, I wasn’t disappointed. They were crispy and delicious! My only criticisms of Byron would be that my friend who also ordered a medium well done burger was given a medium rare burger (judging by the amount of blood oozing out!) and my vegetarian friend was presented with a salad with anchovies on which had to be sent back.

The score? Shake Shack – 5/10, Byron – 9/10

Byron classic burger & courgette fries

Byron classic burger & courgette fries


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