Frida’s Bodega Bar, West Hampstead

Frida’s is a small, eclectic Mexican themed bar, in the basement of Mamacita on West End Lane, which is new to the neighbourhood and makes a nice change to the surrounding pubs. The decor is fun and rather random in a mismatched, retro way and the bar is open until late most nights. As for the menu it is brief but contains everything you could need – a delightful little selection of cocktails, and 3 or 4 choices of beer and wine (though personally I think that it would be a mistake to order anything other than a cocktail!). In terms of bar snacks the choice is quite limited – carnitas or corn chips with salsa/guacamole. Given that they use the same kitchen as the restaurant upstairs it would be nice to see some more bar food on the menu. (NB: The menu appears to have changed from the one on their website).

Passionfruit & Almond

Passionfruit & Almond

I opted for the Passionfruit and Almond cocktail first which proved to be a great choice; strong yet refreshing with the wonderful flavour of the passionfruit standing out. That said the passionfruit did rather mask the almond as it was quite intense. The flowers that they use in the drinks are edible which is a nice touch.



The Endymion was a chachaca based drink (cachaca is a spirit made from sugarcane) with cassis and lime being the predominent flavours. The flavour was intense and slightly less refreshing than the Passionfruit & Almond.

We also had some of the guacamole and corn chips for a snack. The guacamole was incredible – chunky and full of flavour with a bit of a kick to it, and nothing like the rather uninspiring shop bought version. However it only came with 5 corn chips which was a little disappointing – you may want to order several portions!

Frida’s is a fun and quirky alternative to the usual haunts for after work drinks and I will definitely be back.


One thought on “Frida’s Bodega Bar, West Hampstead

  1. Thank you for this post! I hadn’t yet noticed Mamacita and Frida’s, but after reading your thoughts and seeing those divine-sounding cocktails I’ll definitely check them out.

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