I love and yet don’t quite love Mahiki at the same time, though admittedly that sounds like a silly contradiction! It’s very easy for me to get to and so I’ve been a couple of times recently. Most of the time I think that I love it because of the incredible cocktails and of course the Polynesian decor. The music is another strong point – good DJ’s and on one occasion there was even a live saxophonist! But then I remember that there are things they need to improve – the dance floor first of all as it’s small and, well, not really a proper dancefloor just a small area with no tables in it that’s near the bar. Then there’s the clientele, Mahiki pretends to be exclusive but it isn’t really – especially if you’re a girl. Most of the people there are fine, but there’s often some tacky girls with over-bleached hair. The club has received a lot of press from Prince Harry visiting in the past, but he seems to have moved on to pastures new these days. Anyway enough musing, let’s look at the drinks:

The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest 2

So the Treasure Chest is a bit of fun, actually … a lot of fun, it’s brought to your table with a flaming torch and a kind of mist comes out when they open it and pour in the champagne. It tastes great but not very strong – so you need to get some more cocktails in afterwards. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a whole chest of alcohol either – the drink is in a shallow plastic tray at the top!



Monkey Brains

Monkey Brains

To be honest I like pretty much all of Mahiki’s cocktails! The Fa’fafene was especially good and I really like the classic ‘Mahiki’ cocktail too. I think my least favourite is probably the Coconut Grenade but it’s been a long time since I’ve had one so I can’t say for certain, or the Pina Colada which is too sweet and if you had a few of them you’d probably feel sick. However we did enjoy it a few years ago when Mahiki visited the polo club that I was a member of at the time, giving everyone free Pina Colada’s.

I’ve also been to Mahiki’s sister club Kanaloa and I definitely feel that Mahiki is better. Kanaloa is smaller and more rectangular and whilst it’s slightly cheaper and there are some overlaps on the menu’s, many of Mahiki’s best cocktails aren’t available at Kanaloa and the vibe is not the same.


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