Burger and Lobster

Burger & Lobster

This is a restaurant where you know what you’re going to eat before you arrive. To choose the burger rather than the lobster (they are both priced at £20) would be slightly crazy, in my opinion, so of course I had the lobster. You can choose to have your lobster grilled, poached or to have a lobster roll; I opted for grilled with the garlic butter (not pictured as it arrived late, and then they brought two which was fortunate as one would not have been enough!). Whatever you choose it comes  sides of french fries and a green salad. The fries were salty and a perfectly sized portion, but the salad was disappointing – the leaves looked like they were wilting. The lobster itself was delicious, particularly with the garlic butter. Plus in a restaurant with no menu there’s no “if only I’d tried the …” feeling. I had the ‘Evergreen Spritz’ cocktail which was delightfully refreshing, and there were a number of cocktails and wines by the glass to choose from. In fact the only thing I didn’t like about Burger and Lobster was the fact that it’s a bit too informal oh and they plonk plastic bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise on your table – these would have been better decanted into small pots (I didn’t feel I needed either anyway).


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