Battle of the chocolate liqueurs: Baileys Chocolat Luxe vs Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold

Baileys Chocolat Luxe launched earlier this autumn with a major advertising campaign. Personally I quite liked the television advert, and also noticed a 3D poster on Edgware Road (with a super-sized version of the bottle standing out over the street!) as well as various advertorials and competitions. During the first month the new liqueur was available only at Harvey Nichols, where we were able to enjoy complimentary drinks at the bar after purchasing it (an unnecessary but not unwelcome incentive!), before it became available in supermarkets nationwide. It obviously contains Irish cream (like the whole Baileys range) and in addition it is 6% ‘real Belgian chocolate’ according to the label. The bottle design is sleek and modern and at £17 for 500ml it is a fair bit more expensive than original Baileys.

Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold is a chocolate liqueur from Austria made from distilled sugar cane, cream, Belgian milk chocolate and ‘aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa’. It is not as widely discussed in England as its rival, perhaps due to a lack of advertising and PR combined with the brand being less well known. The bottle design is traditional and deliberately reminds the drinker of the famous Mozart chocolates which are widely available in Austria (Mozartkugeln). It is available from Waitrose, priced at £15.50 for a 500ml bottle.

But what about the taste? Since both drinks are exquisite it is very difficult to choose a favourite! The best way I can describe it is that the Baileys Chocolat Luxe tastes like a cross between the Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold and original Baileys. If you are a pure chocoholic then opt for the Mozart, which is more intense, but if you are a Baileys fan who happens to also like chocolate then the Baileys Chocolat Luxe is the liqueur for you. I am slightly suspicious that the team behind Baileys used the Mozart Chocolate Cream as their inspiration and deliberately created a fusion between that and their signature product. The Mozart brand certainly feels more authentic, as well as representing better value for money. But the only thing to do is to try both and see which you prefer!



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