The Aubin Cinema

Aubin Cinema

The Aubin Cinema is a small independent cinema in Shoreditch, owned by the Soho House group. There is just one screen and it has about 30 seats in it plus 8 two-person sofas. If you’re looking at the above photo you might be imaging somewhere basic and sparsely furnished … well the entrance and the bar area are but the cinema itself is quite sumptuous with tartan blankets, large Aubin & Wills cushions, ottomans and small side tables, so you can relax and put your feet up! You can take drinks from the bar into the cinema to enjoy a cocktail or bottle of wine with the film (there are special bottle holders in the side tables). Being at The Aubin Cinema reminded me how much I miss the Aubin & Wills brand which was a smaller, more sophisticated version of Jack Wills with a handful of shops in the UK (one of which used to be above the cinema). Sadly the company decided to cease trading as Aubin & Wills and just focus on Jack Wills instead (which has too much of a teenage image for my liking).

The main downside of this cinema is that there is no choice of film – they choose one film each week to show (a couple of times per day). Fortunately when we went it was The Counsellor – a gripping thriller with a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz. I quite enjoyed the film but enjoyed the experience even more so – vastly different to an evening at an Odeon or Vue! My only slight criticisms would be that the sofa wasn’t deep enough and my legs were nearly touching the seats in front (and I’m not especially tall!), and also it would be nice if more food was available from the bar. Overall it was an evening well spent and I’m now looking forward to visiting some of London’s other independent cinemas.


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