Brunch at 34, Grosvenor Square

34 is a relatively new addition to the Caprice Group, having opened in 2011 (Le Caprice originally opened in 1947 to put it in perspective!), which is located on South Audley Street in Mayfair (although the restaurant is branded as Grosvenor Square – presumably because they feel this adds a certain degree of prestige?). I’d been keen to try it for a while as I had previously enjoyed a lovely brunch at Le Caprice a few years ago and therefore had high expectations. So last Saturday morning (well actually it was more like lunchtime…) we paid a visit:

34 bread

The bread basket – delicious tomato and parmesan bread, great flatbreads and the slightly peculiar addition of a mini chocolate chip muffin! An excellent selection (although the bread isn’t really complimentary, as 34 has a cover charge).

34 drink

34 brunch

I opted for the salt beef sandwich and the beef was delicious however there was just far too much mustard on the bread (and I do really like mustard!) – they must have been spooning it on very liberally! Thankfully the dill pickle accompaniment helped to take the mustard taste away a little. If I return to 34 for brunch again I would order a different dish (my friends both had the smoked salmon, dill and bacon hash which they loved). We rounded off the meal with the salted caramel and raspberry truffles which were very good value (at £4 for 6 truffles) and I enjoyed them every bit as much as my favourites from Prestat.

My main criticism of 34 is that the menu had changed from the one on the website (they obviously need to update their website more frequently) and some things I had intended to try were not available – such as the green apple bellini, so that was very disappointing. The service wasn’t brilliant either, for example at first they said they could make the green apple bellini then returned some time later to say they couldn’t  and after I’d chosen another drink it took forever to arrive. Whilst 34 offers some good food it lacks the polish of its older sibling Le Caprice on Arlington Street (which does an excellent brunch).


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