PJ’s Bar and Grill

It was a case of another week another Saturday brunch, this time at PJ’s Bar and Grill on the Fulham Road in Chelsea. I’d been meaning to visit PJ’s for quite some time given the polo theme (and positive mentions in The Polo Magazine) and finally got around to it (better late than never!). The restaurant’s owner Brian Stein has played polo for decades and his influence is evident in the decor, even down to the smallest details – there was a copy of Polo Times in the loo! The ambiance is warm and friendly and it was very lively when we visited, there is also a mezzanine floor so diners upstairs don’t miss out on the buzz (though we sat downstairs). I opted for a bellini (which was perfect) – the ultimate brunch classic, and the ‘homemade pancakes, caramelised banana, pancetta, maple syrup’ which also had the refreshing addition of raspberries. I think the dish could have benefited from more pancetta, but it was very tasty nonetheless. My only other slight criticism would be of the bread they brought round – there was only one type and it looked a bit dry and unappetising, so I didn’t eat mine. The bread was in a different league at 34, where I had brunch the week before, but in every other way I loved PJ’s more. It was a lovely brunch and I look forward to coming back soon.

PJ's brunch


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