Brunch at Mamacita, West Hampstead

It’s great to be back in London after Christmas, and what could be better than a catch up with the lovely blogger SJ & The City over Saturday brunch? I’ve blogged about Mamacita before though that was dinner, and so naturally their brunch deserved its own entry! Frida’s the basement bar is well worth visiting too.

When we arrived the restaurant was a bit quieter than usual but that was probably no bad thing – it’s nice to have a few favourite places that you can pop into without having to worry about booking and this is one I plan to keep coming back to. Plus it didn’t take them as long to cook my dish as the menu indicated (“+20 mins”) which was great because I was hungry! I ordered the Spiced Baked Eggs with spinach, sumac, greek yoghurt and lemon oh and the additional chorizo, but our (very charming) waiter forgot about this and so it arrived later than the rest of the food (a bowl of sizzling baby chorizo pieces – absolutely worth the wait). The baked eggs were a good texture, and I liked the addition of sumac and lemon, however for a dish with ‘spiced’ in the name I was expecting a bit more spice! It wasn’t bland, but by Mamacita’s usual standards it was less flavourful than expected. This was washed down with a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade with mint – it was perhaps a little early in the day for a cocktail!

Spiced baked eggs


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