Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia

Having read so much about it on various social media channels, I was incredibly excited to visit Bubbledogs last week with the lovely blogger SJ & the City. First things first: you have to get there early! Ideally straight after work like we did, as when we left there was a very long queue weaving its way out of the tiny restaurant, and it isn’t worth queuing for (more on that later) and you can’t make a booking for fewer than 6 people. Secondly, it’s not really a restaurant more of a bar where every person happens to also be eating, and it’s very cramped – you can either sit on a small sharing table (never a big fan of these) or have a place on the ledge and Bubbledogs is so small that the waiters keep brushing past you/bumping into you as they scuttle around (rather annoying). They clearly overestimated the capacity of the space when designing the place.

But onto the food and drink … the champagne selection was ok, although a glass is only 120ml (smaller than the norm these days) and they do have a small selection of cocktails as well (which we didn’t realise until the end). The hot dogs were obviously the highlight of the evening; I chose the buffalo which was delicious with blue cheese, celery and a tangy sauce on top of the (pork) sausage. I loved it but sadly it was too small and the basket it came in could hardly be called attractive – poor presentation can spoil a meal in my opinion. We shared a side of sweet potato fries which were salty, crispy and pretty close to perfect! My verdict was that the food is great for what it is, however the place is let down by the poor ambiance and needs to try harder to improve the customer experience. You feel like you have to hurry your meal as they are so busy, so we headed to Wahaca afterwards for some of their wonderful hibiscus margarita’s.



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