One Sixty, West Hampstead

One Sixty, why have you let me down?! There was so much hype when this American style smokehouse opened that I was extremely excited to visit. In fact there were even reports in the press that the restaurant marked a turning point for West Hampstead, and it was said to be becoming ‘the next Marylebone High Street’. With news like this I had high expectations, and so local blogger SJ and the City and I popped in for dinner. The restaurant was very busy and we hadn’t booked, but took a chance and were seated straight away. At this point we were feeling quite pleased with ourselves, however it took a very long time for the waiting staff to come and take our order and this is when things started to go downhill. The food arrived relatively quickly, but wait, where were the drinks? We had to point out to the waitress that we were still awaiting our drinks. “Oh, they’ll be here in a minute” she hastily replied, and brought over some water before vanishing. At least 15 minutes came and passed but still no drinks, so we had to get the attention of a passing waiter who finally sorted it out (and took them off the bill). I can’t understand why such a simple thing proved so problematic for them though – it wasn’t as if we’d ordered a variety of complex cocktails! In fact One Sixty doesn’t even have a cocktail list, and only a small selection of wines; it seems to be all about beer and as I’m not a  beer person I opted for a refreshing blush cider.

As for the food itself, my feelings were mixed. I had been tempted by the lobster roll, mmm lovely lobster, but at the time was not particularly hungry (too much pigging out at work that afternoon) so I thought I’d be healthy and go for the smoked chicken and avocado salad (ok I know the side of chips is not exactly healthy but you have to choose a complimentary side so why not!). Taking the first bite I thought it was tasty but it turned out that the smoked chicken was rather overpowering and you soon get sick of it. Everything else about the salad was good (especially the crispy sautéed potatoes and the buttery chives), however personally I couldn’t face anymore of that smoked chicken! Excellent chips on the other hand. I’m not sure if I would return to One Sixty to be honest, what with the appallingly slow service and what was fairly average food (as SJ and I concluded). The decor isn’t great either – uncomfortably hard chairs for example. West Hampstead has plenty of nice places to eat, and I’m inclined to think that One Sixty isn’t one of them.

One Sixty


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