Dukes Afternoon Tea

I had high hopes for Dukes – the perfect location (St James’ is one of my absolute favourite parts of London), the sumptuous, traditional decor with clever modern touches and of course the praise that I’d heard from others. All in all it seemed to be the ideal hotel to recommend to my Aunt for a (ladies only) family gathering we organised on her birthday. We were seated in the exquisite PJ Champagne Lounge, decorated in lime and raspberry hues, and here is what followed…

The gluten free open sandwiches were beautiful

The gluten free open sandwiches were quite attractive

My open sandwiches were delicious, however the rest of the group felt that their ordinary sandwiches were, well, a bit ordinary – certainly nothing exceptional. Fortunately the scones and cakes compensated for their disappointment as they tucked into mini doughnuts, crumbles in shot glasses and much more besides. As for my gluten free version I enjoyed some very good scones (though slightly longed for the strawberries that had been provided at Blakes – something to lighten the palate) and savoured the rhubarb panna cotta and the chocolate mousse. However, much to my disappointment, what was supposed to be a salted caramel macaroon (according to their email) turned out to be peanut, which I think most people would agree can never compete with salted caramel! Also the chocolate cake (on the right-hand side in the photo below) was just slightly dry and some items which Dukes had mentioned at the time of booking (such as the blackcurrant jelly and the cranberry vodka tonic granite) never materialised, which was a great shame. Overall though we had a lovely experience and I would think of returning to Dukes, perhaps for a different meal (yes I do think afternoon tea is a meal in itself, and often skip lunch in preparation for it!).

Dukes cakes

Dukes cakes 2

Take home box


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